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Our Services


An introduction towards the project and what type of service you require from our end.


This session will enable you to go through all the preliminary details such as:- time frames, desires and liking, along with getting to know you and the project better.


This will allow us to deliver a more accurate approach. Whatever your interior design needs may be, our team are here to make sure you feel at home in the space you live or work in.


Technical Documentation

The creation of technical documentation will provide a good detailed understanding of the proposed project.


These documents convey not only the ability of a practical approach but also a legal one. Technical documents also communicate the space planning through maximising the allowance in accordance to modern approaches and standard design requirements.


This documentation also involves moodboards to which enhance the design direction.


Overall Design Concept 

This stage is also crucial within the design process as this will determine the approach that the project will be heading to.


Research and investigation on the project concepts from wall finishes, materials to colour schemes and final layouts.


During this stage, any bespoke furniture will also start to take shape to further detailing and technicality. 



A visual perception gives the ability to fully evaluate the design.


Through a 3D software (3Ds Max) our team will provide a visual perception of the end result. This program allows the designer to design in 3-dimensional model which best demonstrates the final vision speculating the functionality, aesthetics but also small detailing.


This statement will allow the client should they do not require any Project Management to be able to source all the items within the design.


Furthermore, we provide the service of Project Management in collaboration with professionals to make your design project come to life without any hesitation.


A Purchase list or detailed bill of quantities will be provided along with regular on-site visits.

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