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Hospitality - Mediterranean and Contemporary - Concept Project

A re-design of a panoramic view hotel lies in the North of Malta. The Mediterranean approach brought by the chosen colour scheme and pattern within the spaces creates a vernacular design. 

The soft tones, curved ceiling and bespoke furniture contrast to the vibrant mustard armchairs creating an uplifting ambient. The use of tropical plants complements the style of the hotel.


The lighting strategy adopted and the soffit design implementation was to create a more inviting and calming space for the guests. The sense of direction to the client was implemented through the use of multi-levels. Low ceilings were introduced within the seating area whereas the pathway was created with a higher level of the ceiling. Furthermore, mood lighting was integrated into such a ceiling, creating further guidance leading to other zones. 

While organic forms were designed throughout the layout, linear elements which include the wooden strips and the back of bar shelving are contrasting to the curved edges. This creates a centre of attention. 

The concept strategy creates a mirroring effect between the furniture plan layout and soffit design. The simplicity and timeless design were communicated through the design elements. The Mediterranean approach that the guests will experience will enhance their local stay. 

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